Corporate Services

Kitchen Angels provide excellent corporate catering services. We have provided hospitality services for LogicaCMG and Central Point, London. We have also managed team building sessions (both with outdoor entertainment or indoor cooking classes) for companies like Vodafone, Accenture, and Quantel in Newbury. Kitchen-Angels has also organised the Summer Ball of Oxford Post Graduate, Lincoln, Exeter and Christ Church’s Colleges.

Kitchen Angels is backed by years of experience catering to the corporate industry to ensure all your corporate catering requirements are not just met — but surpassed. We provide the following services for your corporate catering requirements:

  • BBQ
  • Hog Roast
  • Canapes/Hospitality
  • Contract Catering
    • Hot Buffet Lunches
    • Cold Buffet

Below are sample menus we can provide wether you want daily lunch or special catering for your corporate event.

Sample Board Room Lunch Menu

  • Selection of fillings served with plain and grilled Vienna bread
    • Roast mix vegetables
    • Roast beef in horse radish cream
    • Prawn Mary Rose
  • Egg olive oil mayonnaise with spring onions
  • Mini Indian savouries with mango salsa
  • Mediterranean couscous cakes topped with caramelised onions
  • Marinated chicken wings in honey and chilli glaze
  • Skewered salmon brochettes with lemon coriander green olive tapenade
  • Speciality crisps and nibbles
  • Selection of seasonal fruits flambeed in cherry liqueur and lime
  • Orange juice
  • Mineral water

Sample Corporate Breakfast Menu

  • Mix Cocktail Danishes
  • Mini Savory Croissants stuffed with bacon
  • Grilled English Muffin with cream cheese and topped with smoked salmon
  • Egg Florentine Crepe
  • Mixed Fruit Salad with lowfat yoghurt
  • Apple Juice, Oranges, Tea & Coffee

Sample Hot Buffet Corporate Lunch Menu

  • Fruit de Mer – Fillet of Cod, Scottish Salmon, Green Lipped Mussels, Tiger Prawn in Lemon Veloute and Cream
  • Stuffed Chicken with Brie and Asparagus – served with Cream Dijon Sauce Linguini Bolognese topped with Parmesan
  • Roast Peppers Stuffed with Risotto Rice and Halloumi Cheese (V)

All Served with Parseley New Potatoes and Mixed Roast Mediterranean Veg in Balsamic Vinegar and Honey

Sample Executive Menu

  • Selection of fillings served with toasted brioches:
    • Roast prime scotch beef
    • Spinach and egg mayonnaise
    • Poached breast of chicken in mango curried sauce with dried fruit
    • Venison and brandy pate
  • Spears of garlic chicken wrapped in smoked bacon
  • Lamb tagine balls with cream curry sauce
  • Risotto and sweet chilli stuffed cabbage
  • Pan fried scallops on a bed of lemon fried shredded cabbage
  • Speciality crisps and nibbles
  • Skewers of melon and strawberries with cream Chantille

Sample Training and Office Lunch Menu

  • Finger Sandwiches (brown and white) with the ff fillings:
    • Tuna Mayo and Chive
    • Ham Mustard
    • Cheese Branston Pickle
  • Skewered Olives & pepper
  • Chicken Satay with Satay Sauce
  • Vegetable Crisps with Salsa Dip
  • Mini Cheese & Brocoli Tartelette
  • Cocktail Roast Sausages in Honey & Mustard
  • Mince Pork and Apple in Puff Pastry
  • Fruit Platter


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