The Great British BBQ

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Raise a Glass of PIMMS and bask in the glorious rays with Kitchen Angels’ Ultimate BBQ Package.

You don’t have to lift a finger!

Kitchen Angels’ Ultimate BBQ Package includes:

Barbeque Equipment

3x3m Gazebos – to set up the food under

Trestle Tables with Table Cloth for the Buffet

Plates, Cutlery, Napkins

Prices start from £££ per head, choose from the menu choices below and then enjoy the BBQ!

Salad Choices 

Waldorf Salad

Potatoes in Olive Oil and Mayonnaise with chives

Penne Pasta Neapolitan

Plum of Cherry Tomatoes Mozarella Salad

Couscous and Roast Veg in Olive oil, garlic, coriander and honey

Traditional Coleslaw

Mushroom and Bacon with Croutons and Spinach

Caesar’s Salad

Mixed Bean Salad

Greek Salad – pitted black olives, feta cheese in olive oil with coss lettuce

Penne Niçoise

Mixed Green Salad in Olive Oil and Herb Dressing Tuna and Tomato Cancass and black pepper

Prawn, Celery and Avocado Chicory Salad

BBQ MEAT SELECTION – served with White or Brown Flour Baps

6 oz Beef Burgers

Minted 6 oz Lamb Burgers

Chicken Fillet (plain,cajun,in Lemon and Garlic)

Sirloin Steak (plain,in red wine&charlotte,in fajita)

Porkloin Steak (plain,in apple&coriander,in hoisin sauce)

Salmon Steak (plain,with lemon zest olive oil&black pepper,in sweet chili sauce)

Grilled Portuguese Sardine with Garlic and Lemon

Turkey Escalope (plain,in cranberry&white wine,marinated in white wine,cream&massala)

Chicken and Pork Kebabs (plain,in chili paste)

Steak Roulade with spinach and mushroom

Fillet of Pork marinated in apple and calvados

Vegetarian Options

Roast Mediterranean Veg

BBQ’d stuffed peppers with couscous and halloumi

Half Jacket Potatoes BBQ’d in foil

Desserts for the perfect party finish

Individual Fruit Salad Skewers

Lemon and Lime Cheesecakes

Individual Summer Fruit Pudding

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