About Us

Our Ethos

It is our belief that good food or fine dining will impress. However, a thoughtfully planned dining experience will leave guests with memories they will want to take away with them for a very long time. Our aim is to provide a total food experience to our clients which is only limited by our personal chefs’ collective imagination

Who We are

Personal ChefThe Kitchen Angels Chefs are all highly trained or multi-rosetted. The team is headed by Hassen Guerroudj who is an accomplished Consultant Chef with over 20yrs of experience and numerous accolades to his name.

Kitchen Angels is a party catering company that provides outside catering services in London, Berkshire, Dorset and all of UK. We combine exceptional quality of food with excellent standards of catering service. We provide a difference in the trade through our imaginative, fully creative, mouth-watering culinary experience offering.

Whether you need a caterer for your Corporate event, Christmas Party, Business Lunch, Birthday party, Wedding, Anniversary in London, Berkshire, Dorset or is in need of any catering advice or assistance, Kitchen Angels can provide exceptional catering services meticulously scrutinised to ensure that your event is concluded in utmost perfection.


Personal ChefChef Ian’s culinary experience started 33yrs ago in a large hotel chain as Commis Chef after leaving his local college. He then worked his way up to being Head Chef in several 4 and 5 star hotels. Chef Ian also went onto work in Officers’ Mess catering for Senior Officer and Royal Guests. His passion for cooking is manifested in the feedback he gets from clients such as “best dinner party with perfect food, professional and classy service”.



Personal ChefKitchen Angels was founded by Peter Pudaite who comes from a telecoms background with extensive experience in managing complex multinational projects. Peter’s passion for food is heavily influenced by his experiences of having lived and worked over 10 countries across 4 continents. The combination of experiences from the spice trails and effective service management has translated to Kitchen Angels being recognised for its impeccable service.

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